According to the Officer Down Memorial Page website, there have been 31 K-9 Officers in the United States killed in the line of duty by either gunfire or stabbing in the last 5 years.

More and more police departments around the country are utilizing K-9 officers as valuable tools for their police departments. The K-9 officers are useful in tracking criminals, using their sense of smell to find illegal materials, help officers search buildings and houses, and help search for missing or injured people.

Many police departments simply do not have the funds in the their budget to purchase ballistic vests for their police K-9's. Vests for police K-9 officers cost $1,275. These vests are usable for five years. After five years, the material expires and a new vest is needed just like police officer vests.
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a difference and helps save lives!
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The mission of The Four Legged Project is to actively solicit donations for vests through community events, online social media, citizens, and private companies to purchase ballistic vests for police departments around the State of Kansas. There are approximately 50 active duty K-9's in the State of Kansas. Most, if not all patrol everyday without any protection against bullets and sharp objects.

The Four Legged Project, Inc. services improves the quality of police protection to communities and improves the officer safety, both for the K-9 handler and the K-9 officer. The ballistic vets provided to police K-9's are a small investment in comparison to the cost of potential medical bills for injury, and the cost of training and time placed in the police K-9.   

The Four Legged Project, Inc. has made it their number one mission to provide ballistic vests to police K-9's. Vests cost approximately $1,275 a piece and last for five years before expiring just like their human counterparts. 

Please help provide life saving protection to a police K-9 who unselfishly puts their lives on the line to make communities a safer place!

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  Tax ID: 46-5608542.  All donations are tax-deductible, as laws apply.